One of the fastest growing launches of the wholesale sweet industry takes the form of bagged confectionery.

Bulk bags have garnered mass appeal for customers who can pick ‘N’ mix their favourite sweet treats all in one order.

In recent times, with the success of resealable packaging, industries have marketed extensively on the appeal of consumers spreading their snacking intermittently throughout the day.

Bagged sweet treats are popular not just for their convenience but also for the various associated health benefits as portion control and nutrition concerns have become a paramount matter of public interest.

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ABC Letters 1.75kg Bag

£9.92 Ex VAT £11.90 Inc VAT

Alma Skull Crushers 5p Tub

£4.54 Ex VAT £5.45 Inc VAT
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American Gobstoppers 3kg Bag

£14.75 Ex VAT £17.70 Inc VAT
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Aniseed Balls 3kg Bag

£13.10 Ex VAT £15.72 Inc VAT
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Assorted Fruit Chews 2kg

£11.24 Ex VAT £13.49 Inc VAT
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Astra Jelly Turtles 3kg

£11.49 Ex VAT £13.79 Inc VAT
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Barnett’s Mega Sour Apples 3kg Jar

£19.36 Ex VAT £23.23 Inc VAT

Barnett’s Mega Sour Cola 3kg

£19.36 Ex VAT £23.23 Inc VAT

Barnett’s Sugar Free Pineapple Fizz Jar

£19.31 Ex VAT £23.17 Inc VAT
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Barnetts Mega Sour Cherry 3kg Jar

£19.36 Ex VAT £23.23 Inc VAT

Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits Candy Bags 104g

£18.49 Ex VAT £22.19 Inc VAT
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Barnetts Sherbons 2.5kg

£19.31 Ex VAT £23.17 Inc VAT
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Bulk Bags FAQs

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions with your bulk sweets?

Yes we offer a range of dairy-free, gelatine-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, halal, vegetarian and vegan sweets to choose from.

What do you offer in your bulk bags?

We have an extensive selection of wholesale sweets on offer for your consideration, including Pick ‘N’ Mix options.

What is the benefit of buying bulk bags?

Buying bulk gets more for your buck! Depending on your target market, we stock a diverse range of nostalgic and modern sweets to choose from.

Buying in bulk means that you are ready to stockpile the best sweets for your eager customers. Oh, and did we mention – it’s free delivery on orders over £250?

Can I buy Pick ‘N’ Mix in bulk?

Yes you can choose which sweets you would like at leisure. After browsing our extensive selection, simply choose your desired sweets and we can do the rest!

What are your bulk bag delivery options?

We offer a range of delivery options for our bulk bags. We offer standard delivery which is £9.99 on all orders under £250 – customers can expect their order within 3-5 working days.

We also offer express delivery which is £15.99 on all orders under £250 – orders placed before 3pm will have next-day delivery.

For customers abroad, we offer international shipping which is £25.99 on all orders under £250 – the shipping time for international orders will take between 4-7 working days.

Additionally, we offer Click & Collection for free. Orders placed before 3pm will be ready to collect that same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be available to collect from 9am the next day. If you would like to request a specific collection day, you can do so.

Free delivery on orders over £250!

*Order tracking is also available for an extra £5.